Laser Hair Removal Virginia Beach

Laser Hair Removal

Virginia Beach attracts Virginia natives and out-of-state vacationers alike, many of whom want to look their very best before hitting the beach. American Laser Centers, located in Virginia Beach and in 100-plus other locations throughout the United States, is a perfect destination for men and women eager to prepare themselves for the beaches of Virginia. In addition to our well-known, proprietary laser hair removal services, we offer AmeriSmooth cellulite reduction services and FotoFacial® skin rejuvenation services.

Laser hair removal works by sending short pulses of electrical energy and light into the hair follicle. Hair is destroyed at its very root, which accounts for the long-lasting effects of laser hair removal. All in all, six treatments are required to receive American Laser Centers' written guarantee*, which promises two years of total satisfaction.

Safe, Comfortable Laser Hair Removal in Virginia Beach
First-time clients are often surprised by the feeling of the laser treatment. For the most part, the second-long pulse of energy feels as gentle as a mild tingle. (In very sensitive areas, the pulse may feel slightly more intense, like a soft pinch. However, the sensation lasts for only a second.)

Hair removal will occur after the very first treatment. However, not every follicle of a person's hair is actively growing at all times. By treating an area six separate times, American Laser Centers guarantees that all hairs in that area are destroyed. No matter what your hair type or color, we have a treatment that's just right for you; American Laser Centers technicians are trained to treat different skin colors, hair types, and so on.

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