Five Steps to Become Rich

It’s all what it takes

What Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote in their books was already summarized by Wallace D. Wattles years before. In 1910 he wrote “The Science to Getting Rich” a small booklet of 60 pages which would be a number one bestseller today.
The book is written in easy understandable English and can be read in less than an hour even from an untrained reader. Wattles examples of rich are directed in the way that money would be the most important value to have. But rich can be a synonym of other important things people wish to have. Like having more time, being healthier, having better relationships, being more educated, living in other places etc.

What in a nut shell is it all these great authors are telling us about?

1. You Must Act
If you don’t act right you don’t get the results you desire. Are you looking for the easy way, just win the lottery? Sorry you still have to act and by a ticket. No ticket, no win. Not to mention, that you have to buy the right ticket.
Is something nudging you to act? Follow this impulse immediately and you are on the right road to richness.

2. Find out Where You Are Now
Be neutral but honest. Don’t blame anybody for your situation. It is what it is. You will change it soon. Don’t be surprised to find more than one subject you like to have changed. No money goes easily with being unhappy and unhealthy.
Ask yourself why you are in this situation and what could be the positive reason to be there?

3. Define Where You Want To Be
You need a precise definition. I want more money someday want help. You have to have an exact date, occupation, amount and use presence tens form. For example, December 1st, 2012 I am a sales manager and earn an income of 15,000 US$ a month. Don’t be shy and demand a lot! Expect miracles. Have faith and look for the impossible to appear.
Be relaxed and many things will open in you, you will see new opportunities coming up blocked by tension otherwise.

4. Plan Your Way to Your Richness
Companies write a business plan. Do the same thing. You have your desire. Now create your road map with mile stones to get there. Ask yourself questions about the education you need, where to get it, how much to pay for and when you get your degree. How do you allocate the time? Can you do it full time or squeeze everything into your already tide schedule. What other help do you need? Where do you find it?
You may have more than one future target and some are going together. You could be healthier, less grumpy and happier when having more money. But what comes first? Could it be the reason you don’t have money is that you are grumpy and unfriendly to other people? Just wishing for more money won’t help your situation. You have to be honest to yourself. Don’t ask the people close around you. You are bad enough to them already. What do you think is happening when they tell you all the negative things about you? Give them a break. Find some external to analyze you. Than work on yourself, be a better you and surprise your friends, co-workers, neighbors.
Develop and keep a positive attitude. Belief in yourself and your actions! You are as powerful as you believe you are.

5. Stay Focused
Concentrate on your target. Do you desire to be rich? Spend your time with rich people, people who are already where you want to be. Don’t confuse your mind by soliciting with poor people. Don’t feel bad. Poor people have a mindset to be poor and you want to move away of that. You can’t do this by being together with poor people. Stay focused on what you desire and ignore disturbances. Would you ask a non-swimmer for swimming lessons?

So the outline was easy. The hard part is doing it. Start now. Analyze your situation, create your plan and stay focused on your road for success.

You can do it.

R. Kind

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